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QT Ultrasound® receives FDA clearance for new QTviewer™

As part of the QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner the new viewer for true 3D breast images offers radiologists clarity, customizable views, faster response time, and powerful research mode.


Novato, CA – October 24, 2018QT Ultrasound LLC has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the latest update to their QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner – the new QTviewer. The QTviewer stores the breast images and allows them to be reviewed on a radiologist workstation. Coronal, axial and sagittal images for speed of sound and reflection modalities are generated for review by the radiologist. There are tools built into the QTviewer for further image analysis (such as correlate, probe, and region of interest) to aid in the diagnostic evaluation of the breast.

The latest release of the viewer software gives users more features which enable them to customize the viewer to their individual preferences. In addition, the QTviewer has been updated with new graphics rendering libraries that give it a faster response to making adjustment of window levels, and much more responsive pan and zoom functions.

Mark Lenox, Ph.D, QT Ultrasound’s Chief Technology Officer, explains that “one of the more exciting options of the new QTviewer is Research Mode, specifically targeted at the company’s many research collaborators. Research Mode allows researchers the ability to calculate doubling time to determine how much a tumor has grown in a certain amount of time – a critical calculation which assists in determining if a mass is a malignant tumor.” Another powerful feature of Research Mode is the ability to calculate and display the specific Quantitative Breast Density (QBD®) of the breast – something radiologists can typically only estimate. 

The QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner generates high fidelity 360° images of the breast with excellent image clarity. The elimination of harmful radiation and breast compression make the QTscan™ an important breast imaging modality for women.

About QT Ultrasound

QT Ultrasound® is a privately held company engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of an innovative automated breast imaging system producing high-resolution transmission ultrasound images. The company has received FDA clearance for its QTscan™, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded $16 million in funding to continue QT Ultrasound research.  The company’s clinical trials have been conducted at prestigious institutions in the US and Europe and include ongoing trials at the Marin Breast Health Trial Center in Novato, California. QTscans are now available commercially through the breast imaging centers of QTbreasthealth.

The QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner is for use as an ultrasonic imaging system to provide reflection-mode and transmission-mode images of a patient’s breast. The device is not intended to be used as a replacement for screening mammography.







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