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Checking the Transmission: Transmission ultrasound offers a new tool for breast imaging and possibly more

Cinematic rendering comes to breast ultrasound

QT Ultrasound launches radiation- and compression-free breast imaging centers

QT Ultrasound Goes Direct

QT Ultrasound launches commerical scanning centers

A City of Innovators – Biotech in Novato Thriving

Darktrace CEO interview explains how QT Ultrasound protects intellectual property

QT Ultrasound recognized as one of the Best New Radiology Vendors

QT Ultrasound gets FDA nod for breast ultrasound unit

Up-and-coming ultrasound technology shows prowess as mammography adjunct

Health Imaging

NIH Awards QT Ultrasound over $15M in Research Grants

QT Ultrasound has received over $15 million in grants from NIH-National Cancer Institute. This is focused on the development of a new ultrasound tomography system for breast cancer detection. The goal of this ‘translational’ funding is to translate the pre-clinical prototype into a clinically useful, patient-friendly device, by optimizing image quality and speed of reconstruction.

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