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Press Releases

QT Ultrasound® Presents Breakthrough Research Results on Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound

Chief Medical Officer, Rajni Natesan, MD, MBA and Principal Scientist, Bilal Malik, Ph.D, will introduce cutting edge research at RSNA 2018

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FDA Grants QT Ultrasound® Breakthrough Device Designation

The FDA has designated the QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner as meeting an unmet medical need for screening women at high risk for breast cancer

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QT Ultrasound receives FDA clearance for new QTviewer

As part of the QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner the new viewer for true 3D breast images offers radiologists clarity, customizable views, faster response time, and powerful research mode.

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FDA clearance granted to QT Ultrasound for new breast imaging device

Transmission ultrasound technology provides 360-degree images and a new level of clarity for breast scans, without breast compression.

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In The News

Darktrace CEO interview explains how QT Ultrasound protects intellectual property

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QT Ultrasound recognized as one of the Best New Radiology Vendors

QT Ultrasound gets FDA nod for breast ultrasound unit

Up-and-coming ultrasound technology shows prowess as mammography adjunct

Health Imaging

NIH Awards QT Ultrasound over $15M in Research Grants

National Cancer Institute

QT Ultrasound has received over $15 million in grants from NIH-National Cancer Institute. This is focused on the development of a new ultrasound tomography system for breast cancer detection. The goal of this ‘translational’ funding is to translate the pre-clinical prototype into a clinically useful, patient-friendly device, by optimizing image quality and speed of reconstruction.

Published Research

BAOJ Clinical Trials

Visual Grading Assessment of Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound Compared to Digital X-ray Mammography and Hand-held Ultrasound in Identifying Ten Breast Anatomical Structures

John C. Klock, Elaine Iuanaow, Kathleen Smith, and Nancy A. Obuchowski

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control

3D Nonlinear Acoustic Inverse Scattering: Algorithm and Quantitative Results

James Wiskin, David Borup, Elaine Iuanow, John C. Klock, Mark Lenox

Academic Radiology

Accuracy of Cyst Versus Solid Diagnosis in the Breast Using Quantitative Transmission (QT) Ultrasound

Elaine Iuanow, Kathleen Smith, Nancy A. Obuchowski, Jennifer Bullen, John C. Klock

Scientific Reports

Objective breast tissue image classification using Quantitative Transmission ultrasound tomography

Bilal Malik, John C. Klock, James Wiskin, and Mark Lenox

The International Journal of Biomedical Imaging

Anatomy-Correlated Breast Imaging and Visual Grading Analysis Using Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound™

John C. Klock, Elain Iuanow, Bilal Malik, Nancy A. Obuchowski, James Wiskin, and Mark Lenox

The International Journal of Biomedical Imaging

Imaging Performance of Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound

Mark Lenox, James Wiskin, Matthew A. Lewis, Stephen Darrouzet, David Borup, and Scott Hsieh


3D ultrasound tomography and segmentation

SPIE Medical Imaging 2018, Houston, TX.
James Wiskin, Bilal Malik, Mark Lenox

Sensitivity of Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound to detection of microcalcifications

SPIE Medical Imaging 2018, Houston, TX
Bilal Malik, Alyson Terry, Mark Lenox

Imaging performance of Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound tomography: preliminary results towards establishing industry consensus standards

SPIE Medical Imaging 2018, Houston, TX
Mark Lenox, Robin Terry and Bilal Malik

Quantitative 3D Whole Breast Imaging with Transmission and Reflection Ultrasound

University of California, San Diego Techniscan Medical Systems, Inc.Presentation: Amer. Assoc. of Physicists in Medicine Aug. 02, 2011, Vancouver, BC

Michael Andre, PhD, James Wiskin, PhD, Haydee Ojeda-Fournier, MD, Linda Olson, MD, et. al.